Jack and the Geekstalk

Film Squad #16 - The Number 23

November 12, 2018

Welcome to the Film Squad. Our monthly 'book club' style pod where we review - you guessed it, films. We plan to choose one film a month and that film will hopefully be one that the others have not seen. 

Episode 16 - This time it was Lou's turn and she chose one of Jim Carey's rare serious performances 'The Number 23'. What does this number mean to you? Can you find it in your life? This episodes is 28 minutes and 23 seconds long! 28 = 23 + 5....5 = 2+3, so this podcast is 23:2+3:23 !!!!! Also have a look at the date this episode was published.......12th November or 12/11....12+11= 23!!!! Enjoy!!!

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